Top three landscaping ideas for your custom home

Your home's exterior plays a significant role in giving it your desired appearance. G&G Landscape Solutions will assist you in planning and designing custom home landscaping to complement your gorgeous new or modified house. Here are our top three North Carolina landscaping ideas for custom houses - to start creating your dream outside settings.

1) Covered Patios

Whether you're a morning person who enjoys drinking your morning coffee and watching the day arrive, or you're a night owl who wants to relax with a bottle of wine and watch magnificent sunsets, a spacious covered patio is a requirement when planning your luxurious landscape. These elegant additions allow for semi-protected enjoyment of the outdoors, perfect for entertaining many or just yourself.

2) Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen is a keystone in backyard hardscape design if you enjoy backyard barbecues and outdoor entertaining with friends and family. Imagine watching the game on an outdoor projector while you smoke some meat and veggies on your outdoor grill. We can't think of a better entertainment duo, but if you want to reach backyard outdoor entertainment nirvana, consider our third idea, too!

3) Outdoor Fireplaces

Fall will soon be here, and nothing is cozier than spending a cold evening by the fireside with loved ones while sipping your favorite beverage. Build the fireplace of your dreams into your patio or add a gorgeous stone fire pit with cozy seats to your landscaping to make it uniquely yours. Both provide a chic way to spend more time outside in more seasons.

Whatever your vision for your custom home in the Charlotte, North Carolina area, G&G Landscape Solutions can help you create the landscape to match. Discover more solutions by giving us a call - today.

June is Safety Month

In 1996, the National Safety Council established June as National Safety Month. At G&G Landscape Solutions, we take our workplace safety seriously, which is why we are sharing some considerations during this month of protection to highlight what we do to keep your commercial property in tip-top shape! You may avoid accidents and injuries on your property by keeping up with preventative maintenance.

1. Weak branches and dead trees

Trees become more vulnerable to diseases and pest infestations that cause rotting or weak branches as they age and become larger. Weak branches can fall on people, buildings, and automobiles.

Regular tree care, such as trimming and inspections, ensures trees remain healthy and develop properly. It also protects your trees from pests and illnesses that might injure or kill them. Be careful to select a qualified arborist, as shoddy work might result in severe long-term harm.

2. Tipping hazards in hardscapes

Mature trees are a valuable feature on commercial properties, but their roots can occasionally cause damage to walkways, pavement, and hardscapes. Most of the time, this manifests on the pavement surface as fractures or buckling, creating tripping hazards on your hardscapes. If you discover anything wrong with your hardscapes, diagnose the problem as soon as possible before it becomes a headache, or someone gets harmed.

3. Poor visibility and lighting

Dark walkways and parking lots are always a risk since they might result in slip/fall injuries or automobile accidents. Similarly, overcorrecting with too much illumination or lighting in the incorrect places might increase the risk of harmful glares.

Consider where you want to put lights on your property. Lighting at ground level and overhead is an acceptable alternative but avoid installing lights at eye level.

4. Unmaintained irrigation systems

Sprinkler heads should be in good operating order and easily visible to avoid tripping hazards. Any leaks, even little ones, can quickly grow into dangerous floods, resulting in excess repair costs and on-site risks.

Tripping hazards and floods may be avoided with frequent irrigation system inspections by G&G Landscape Solutions. As an added perk, the savings from proper maintenance are reflected in your water bills.

5. Drainage issues

Poor drainage leads to erosion and hardscape damage, which will only worsen over time. As an example, with the snow and ice that fall in seasonal communities during the winter, inadequate drainage can freeze, increasing the risk of damage or accidents. W e recommend clearing all drainage grates and correcting any grading issues on your property as soon as possible.

Leave it to the experts like G&G Landscape Solutions

While these dangers are all hazardous, they can all be avoided if you leave it to G&G Landscape Solutions. You won't have to worry about anything because our business landscape contracts often include regular inspections and cleanups. If you believe anything is a hazard now or might become one in the future, please contact us and we will investigate.