5 Landscape Design Trends to Consider in 2023

Every new year landscape design trends emerge to help you create sought-after and enjoyable outdoor spaces. Whether creating a beautiful oasis at your home, or professional landscaping to complement your business, now is the time to visualize your space and plan what you want to add or adjust to meet your needs. With a focus on the environment and utilizing natural elements to achieve sustainability, the following trends will help you plan and create beautiful outdoor spaces to be enjoyed for years to come.

1) Define Your Outdoor Space with Unique Elements

One way to create a uniquely designed space is to define the areas dedicated to both hardscaping and landscaping. Installing hardscaped walkways, patios, and retaining walls can anchor your landscaping and create the foundation for the placement and alignment of plants, shrubs, flowers, and even accent lighting. When considering the placement of both hardscaping and landscaping, it’s essential to think through the natural flow of your space and how to maximize lighting and shade, logical water flow and drainage solutions, and specific areas you may want to create for gathering and socializing. You may also want to feature stand-out design elements, such as hardscaped seating areas, built-in planters, or interesting patterns in patio pavers.

2) Create a Sense of Continuity

When establishing your landscape design plans, don’t forget to create continuity throughout. For example, if you have chosen a modern design for your space with linear elements and hard edges, consider plants and landscaping features that match that aesthetic and create a sense of continuous flow both visually and in execution. Suppose you are adding elements that feel more natural and organic. In that case, you may want to consider winding paths, irregular edges to your hardscaping, and the placement of boulders or shrubs with less controlled shapes. Regardless of your preferred design style, creating continuity in your space through the shapes, color tones, and chosen plants will create a sense of place and purpose in your space.

3) Incorporate Native Plants

Using native plants in landscaping is emerging as a visual trend and a preferred way to protect local environments. While many non-native plants add unique beauty and pops of unexpected color to yards and business landscaping, in many cases, they struggle to thrive in new climates. On the other hand, native plants offer beauty and support to local animal populations and are acclimated to the environment in a way that allows them to thrive long-term. When considering native plants for your project, think about shrubs, trees, grasses, and flowers zoned for your region and blend well with the natural environment around you.

4) Utilize Water Collection

Incorporating water collection in your landscaping allows you to capitalize on the natural elements and reduce water usage and cost. Collecting rainwater in rain drums, adding rain chains to structures to create a designated flow to garden beds, or adding decorative collection ponds are just a few beneficial ways to collect rainwater. Once collected, the preserved water can be used in garden beds, on lawns, and in freestanding planters or pots. Not only do these water features serve a purpose, but they also add unique and decorative elements to your space in a tranquil and sustainable way.

5) Install Smart Technology

As landscaping design trends have evolved, so too have smart technology options to be incorporated into your overall design plans. For example, automatic or smart irrigation systems that control water flow in designated yard zones can help maintain flourishing lawns, plants, and trees. In addition, water features can be set on timers to reduce waste. Even landscape lighting and music features can be incorporated and set on timers and zones to add an upscale element to your overall space.

As you consider your landscape design plans for either your home or office space in the coming year, we invite you to contact the design professionals at G&G Landscape Solutions for a FREE 20-minute consultation. Our expert designers are dedicated to bringing your landscape vision to life from initial installation to ongoing maintenance of your elevated outdoor environment.

4 Ideas for Corporate Landscaping

Headquarters and corporate campuses are becoming the norm in the workplace. They aim to create an atmosphere that fosters community, innovation, and cooperation. The landscape of these campuses, where outdoor places are being built for staff members to work, mingle, dine, and relax, is a major component. Corporate campus landscape design concepts breathe vitality into otherwise cold and unappealing spaces. Here are four ideas for Corporate Campus Landscape Design, starting with #1:

1) Modern Streetscape

While some companies lack expansive courtyards or lawns, they nonetheless manage to make the little outside area they have count. Space may be maximized without sacrificing style by building a multi-level patio area.

A striking space for coffee breaks, lunch, or brief meetings can be created using potted trees, a tiny container garden, and simple lines. Visitors and customers will have a favorable image of this modest area since it serves as a welcoming entry to the structure or a relaxing retreat.

2) Walking Paths

Plan and locate campus routes that permit two persons to meet while walking. Encourage teamwork, connection, and movement among employees by using signage, paint, and other welcoming interventions. Finding and defining walking loops on campus might also give employees a convenient way to relax.

3) Meditation or Contemplative Gardens

With enough room, contemplative gardens can develop into a caring setting for overworked workers to unwind or find inspiration. Walkways create a tranquil oasis, especially when combined with benches tucked between plants, shrubs, trees, and fountains.

These gardens can be traditional and plain or colorful and unusual. To give shade in this informal setting, some businesses choose to include pergolas, pavilions, or canopies.

4) Multiple-purpose Social Hub

There is something for everyone here, much like the courtyards on college campuses. Shaded patios or pergolas surround open areas with seats and tables, separated by paths for biking and walking, and decorated with symmetrical trees and plants, giving the area a natural, functional feel. With supplemental concrete, wood, or steel weatherproof furniture, your staff, investors, and clients will be wowed, especially if they have attached heaters.

There are methods to save on expenses, regardless of the type of campus landscaping or outside landscape a corporate organization decides to use. The cost may be low because of modern irrigation systems, drought-tolerant plants, and rainfall collectors. However, there can be significant benefits regarding worker productivity and retention.

5 Tips to Improve Your University Landscape

College is demanding. Students need areas to decompress between projects, exams, and juggling financial aid. And campus landscaping should be impressive. Here are the first two of five ways your university's landscape could wow your current and future students.

1. Multi-Purposed Outdoor Areas

Students need inviting spaces where they can relax, study, hang out, have a cappuccino, and meet up with friends. Yoga sessions and outdoor poetry readings are just a couple of the great things that go in between studies or on the quad. When designing areas for students, think about relaxing chairs, shady plants for solitude, open space for activities, and trees for shade.

2. Initial perceptions

The beautiful green landscape at a university or college creates a positive first (and lasting) impression. That's why irrigation is a must-have for college and university campuses. Additionally, decorative signage or memorials is a great way to accentuate the culture at each school. Think of layering plantings with distinctive and memorable decorative grasses embellished with hardy local flora that can withstand seasonal change.

3. Color. Color. Color.

While annual flats are a mainstay of university landscaping, don't stop there. The campus comes alive and vibrant with the happy arrival of bright spring flowers like tulips and daffodils. They perform best once major college events like graduation get underway.

4. Landscape Design for Education

Trees, shrubs, and perennials should be available for students to employ in their studies at universities with landscape and horticulture departments. For instance, students can examine which trees, shrubs, and perennials are outside for classes. As an example, culinary students can take advantage of on-site gardens to become accustomed to gardening and identifying herbs. Overall, universities can have attractive landscaping that is also useful for teaching.

4. Landscape Design for Education

Everybody wants to be proud of their university, and great landscaping bolsters school pride. From students to alums to donors, landscaping your logo in high visibility color-appropriate designs is a memorable installment and differentiator.

Use G&G Landscape Solutions as your partner!

Great landscaping is essential when competing for students, aiming for sustainability, and building school pride. Call us to learn more about our experience with university landscaping and how we can help you improve your student body experience!

6 Things Our G&G Landscape Designers and Landscape Architects Do

Today's landscape design incorporates many features to create beautiful and practical outdoor living areas. Professional landscape designers provide various planning and design services, each catering to a different set of customer demands. Hiring a landscape designer or architect helps to avoid costly errors and needless complexity while incorporating outstanding design solutions.

At G&G Landscape Solutions, our qualified landscape architects and designers:

  1) Examine the land from a horticultural, architectural, environmental, and aesthetic point of view and then use the results to produce a Master Plan that is specific to your location.
  2) Use knowledge, experience, inspiration, ability, and creativity to create specific solutions to the site's challenges and full potential.
  3) Offer the outdoor space a form and a sense of elegance that will serve as the design's focal point.
  4) Aid in picking the site's best flora, materials, and design features.
  5) Work within a budget and, if necessary, offer suggestions for how the landscaping plan may be installed gradually.
  6) Function as a client's impartial advocate.

Effective Landscape Design helps to realize your landscape vision. Perhaps you want a sanctuary for animals, a fun space for kids to play, entertaining and intriguing outdoor rooms, or just a tranquil, shaded location for employees or customers to relax. A qualified landscape designer or architect from G&G Landscape Solutions may assist you in realizing your landscape fantasies while closely monitoring pragmatic factors like budget, site analysis, and plant selection. Give us a call to learn more!

4 Reasons Why You Need Irrigation

Keeping lush grass and healthy trees, shrubs, and other vegetation is challenging, especially if the weather and temperature change often. Proper irrigation is a critical component in guaranteeing the health of your landscape. An automatic subsurface sprinkler system is the simplest and safest approach to maintaining optimum landscape irrigation. See how helpful a system is for North Carolina lawns by reading about the top 5 benefits of a high-quality automatic underground sprinkler system!

1) Watering schedules take time and are difficult to maintain.

According to a new American Time Use Survey, the average American spends more than 70 hours a year taking care of their lawn. Many homeowners and commercial property owners spend a significant amount of that time setting up basic sprinkler systems, turning on the water, moving the sprinkler repeatedly around the lawn, and then packing it all up. This repetitive cycle can wear out both homeowners and property managers.

What is the remedy for the issue of watering burnout? An automatic sprinkler system installed by G&G Landscape Solutions!

2) Prevent over or under-watering

When watering your yard or commercial property, numerous factors are at play, making it challenging to predict how much water each section of your land requires. Where, for instance, does water naturally drain? Does it go directly down a slope toward your foundation or does it pool? What kind of soil is below the surface—absorbent topsoil, clay, or rocky conditions? What types of plants and big trees with water-hungry roots do you have in the different parts of your yard?

Modern irrigation systems mitigate these concerns by watering one zone at a time. Additionally, since each region of your property could have different irrigation requirements, it is simple to design various zones to provide each grass area with precisely the necessary amount of water required for the vegetation inside that zone. Imagine your land being free of both the wet, overwatered sections and the dry, lifeless areas. Based on the makeup of the different watering zones, your entire yard will receive just the proper quantity of hydration.

3) Budget and environment-friendly

Modern sprinkler systems use cutting-edge technology that makes wasting water (and money on exorbitant water bills) a thing of the past. Smart irrigation system controllers closely monitor how much water each zone of your yard receives.

4) Boost the Value In Case of Sale

There are two ways an automated underground watering system can raise the value of your house or commercial property. First, outstanding curb appeal depends on a nicely kept landscape. When prospective buyers visit your property, they get a terrific first impression from the lush grass and healthy plants.

Second, when prospective buyers are thinking about the features of your property, a professionally built automated sprinkler system with an intelligent controller is a unique selling point. It's a financial benefit they might not have known they wanted, and it's a feature that could persuade a buyer to make a higher offer!

Give the irrigation experts at G&G Landscape Solutions a call if the advantages of a professionally installed automatic subsurface sprinkler system have caught your attention. We will be happy to explain the ins and outs of a new sprinkler system, what is involved, and how much it will cost to install a system specifically made for your property.

Differentiate Your Airbnb with These Landscaping Tips

With historically high inflation and the possibility of a recession, the Airbnb market is taking a hit. That means now is the time to invest more into your property to make it stand out as a getaway that travelers won’t want to miss! One of the best ways you can do this is by investing in your landscape with these tips:

1) Build a Sensory Garden

A sensory garden may be the ideal option for your Airbnb, especially if you have a bigger backyard. Plan many months in advance, for instance, and add apple trees and other plants that give fruit in the fall to your garden. Or simply create a space in your yard for meditation.

2) Hardscape Features

Many couples like spending cool autumn evenings outside by the fire. By elevating the experience to something luxurious with quality hardscapes, your visitors will rave about your attention to detail. Whether you create a fire pit or an eye-pleasing pond, you’ll most surely receive positive feedback.

3) Plants that Pop

Adding additional plants that will brighten up your landscape is a fantastic option for your all-season Airbnb. Your guests will have a distinctive visual experience thanks to vibrant flowers and bushes. It is best to work with a landscaper who may assist you in selecting species that are ideal for your area.

Give G&G Landscape Solutions a call if you're interested in learning more about how to make your Airbnb appealing to potential guests.

Landscape Considerations for Hospitals

Research shows that lush, attractive landscaping might aid in healing. According to research by environmental psychologist Roger Ulrich, looking at a garden can occasionally hasten the recovery process after surgery, infections, and other illnesses.

Ulrich and his team examined the medical records of patients recovering from gall bladder surgery at a hospital in a suburban Pennsylvania area. When all other factors were equal, patients with bedside windows overlooking greenery recovered more quickly, required much less pain medication, and experienced fewer post-operative problems than those whose view was a brick wall.

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities should be professionally landscaped to provide shade, peace, outdoor interaction, and healing opportunities.

Here are five factors to consider while designing or improving your therapeutic environment:

1) Greenery is King

While any intelligent hospital landscape design should include concrete paths and courtyards, vegetation should take center stage.

Consider luscious, tiered landscapes with tall shrubs, flowers, and trees for shade. Shade, seclusion, and beauty are all provided by plants, which are essential for a therapeutic environment.

2) Draw in Wildlife

Native plants are easy to maintain and grow well. They are resilient and less prone to illnesses and pests. Additionally, they draw animals, which aid in healing and provide entertainment. When the weather warms up, hummingbirds, butterflies, and other birds will populate the feeders, delighting the hospital staff and patients who go outside for a break.

3) Stimulate Your Senses

The most significant therapeutic landscaping offers more than simply a visual treat. Consider adding ornamental grasses that offer a sound when a breeze passes by. Also, plants that resemble fuzzy lamb's ears are great to touch and the smell of lavender is known to promote calmness and relaxation.

4) Keep Walkways Safe and Accessible

Both people in wheelchairs and couples strolling side-by-side should be able to simultaneously use sidewalks. They must be smooth to avoid snagging wheeled IV poles or impeding wheelchair wheels. Additionally, strength and balance typically decline for elderly patients/visitors, and these may not have fully returned yet for those recovering from surgery. Minimizing tripping hazards is critical for these individuals.

5) Add Water Features

The sound of running water relaxes us, calms our anxieties, and lessens the tension of a hospital stay. Both waterfalls and fountains are excellent additions to courtyards, public spaces, or as a feature in a therapeutic garden. Consider installing easy-maintenance water features to maximize therapeutic results without increasing the expense of maintenance.

Consider G&G Landscape Solutions to help establish your healing center as the best place to recover. Our Landscape Architects will present solutions that are sure to astound and calm your patients.

Winter Landscaping and Hardscaping ideas for HOA Common Areas

The natural beauty of the winter season may be enhanced with landscaping and hardscaping. You can make your HOA common spaces lovely and welcoming in winter by including plants that offer a splash of color and concentrating on hardscapes—like seats and garden structures. This winter, consider these projects:

1. Winter Planting

When it comes to winter landscaping and the common areas of your HOA, you don't have to go all out. For your members, a few evergreen trees and a few berry-producing plants may make a big difference during the gloomy winter months.

2. Rethink Existing Hardscapes

For added ambiance, place a garden statuary and illuminate it at night with a spotlight. Winter is really an excellent time to review outside lighting in all public spaces. In addition to producing a cozy winter glow, lighting is a crucial safety element for illuminating paths.

3. Consider Playgrounds

Great HOA common amenities like playgrounds are a huge bonus for families with small children. The appeal and desirability of your community are increased if there is a convenient spot to congregate and let the little ones burn off some energy. We can assist in creating a playground and play area that is perfect for your homeowners’ association and the neighborhood, whether it involves wood chips, organizing, or even beginning from scratch. There is no better time to start the planning process than in the winter.

4. Dog Parks

Some of the best HOA common areas are dog parks. It's essential to have good drainage, whether it's a fenced-in yard, dog run, or simply a separate area to prevent regions of standing water or soggy turf.

If you’re looking to make your HOA more attractive and engaging, consider implementing these ideas backed with the expertise of G&G Landscape Solutions. Give us a call to get started!

Four Plants to Include for Color in Your Commercial Winter Landscape

Commercial clients favor foresight, and there is no better way to demonstrate your capacity for forward-thinking than to give your commercial landscape a pop of color. The stars of a winter landscape are vivid berries, unusual bark, and distinctive foliage color. Here is a list of some of our favorites:

1) Red twig dogwood cornus sericea 'Arctic Fire' is a small cultivar with brilliant red stems in the winter. The maximum height of this extremely adaptable shrub is around 4 feet. It works well as a garden border or in large quantities. Bonus: Chopped branches give holiday bouquets a dramatic boost of height and color!

2) Beautyberry is an arborescent shrub with an arching form that is endemic to the Southeast United States. Once established, this plant requires little maintenance because it tolerates damp soil and full light. The star of the show is the clusters of shiny purple berries, which also serve as a source of food for birds.

3) Not that cedrus deodara isn't a sight throughout the year, but the winter months are when it really shines! Bright needles and a beautiful weeping form give a gray winter landscape height and color. These conifers can withstand dryness and offer a variety of birds with the perfect nesting locations.

4) Winterberries are extremely adaptable landscape plants since there are several types, and they come in a wide range of sizes and shapes. These bushes are resistant to disease and insects and do well in damp soils. Winterberry is well known for its bright red, bird-friendly berries growing along the stems all winter.

To learn more about the right plants to add that pop of color to your winter landscape, reach out to G&G Landscape Solutions today!

Ideas for Your Luxury Winter Landscape

Winter is a season of cheer and familial joy, where we hunker down and appreciate our connections and comforts. As your plant life enters hibernation, things might not be nearly as cozy and cheerful for your garden and luxury landscape. Here are a few ideas to consider:

1) All weather hardscapes

Your landscape is only one component of your property's overall appearance, with the hardscaping around your property being the other crucial element. Adding hardscapes to your property is essential in differentiating your backyard experience. Walkways, which connect different parts of your landscape, may be designed to be reasonably practical. Similarly, a new patio may be great for entertaining once the weather warms up.

2) Early Winter: Leaf Removal

Fall leaves start to fall from the trees and cover your yard when the temperature decreases. Although it becomes less relevant as winter progresses, uncontrolled leaves can become a landscaping problem. Allowing leaves to accumulate on your lawn is not only unsightly but is also bad for the soil and turf. Work with G&G Landscape Solutions before winter arrives to get your leaves removed and avoid the tiresome task of manually raking and bagging leaves.

Waterfalls, fountains, and streams are some popular hardscape elements, and their designs range from complex to straightforward. Some of the most advanced designs incorporate a large water element to seamlessly blend the experience of dry and wet hardscapes.

3) Berries and Bark

Over the winter, you will inevitably lean less on vibrant plant blossoms to breathe life into your environment. The emphasis should switch to more winter-appropriate approaches to enhancing visual appeal. Berries, which are specific to the season, are where you may discover color and intrigue. Additionally, the bark becomes more noticeable, and many kinds of trees and shrubs have eye-catching colors and patterns that might draw in visitors.

If you find you are running out of time to properly care for your landscape, you can trust G&G Landscape Solutions to provide the care you are looking for at the cost you love.

Preparing Your Commercial Landscaping for Winter

If you are the owner or manager of a business property, you should start preparing for the forthcoming winter months in the autumn. Your landscaping may have trouble withstanding the impending winter weather and snowfall if it isn't adequately maintained during the fall.

Your landscape may need so much repair that it detracts from your curb appeal. Consequently, once spring arrives, your landscape needs immediate assistance, which may not be readily available due to a seasonal uptick in demand. Considering this, here is some business landscaping advice for getting ready for winter:

1. Aerate

Aerate your soil to make it easier for water, oxygen, and fertilizer to reach your soil's roots. Additionally, aerating your soil will aid in reducing damage by keeping it from becoming overly compact, especially when covered with snow.

2. Fall is When You Plant

The beginning of the fall season is the ideal time to sow cool-season grasses. If at all feasible, plant grass seeds 45 days before the first frost. This is because the soil should still be warm at this stage from the summer, but the combination of the mild daytime temperatures and the chilly evenings should promote rapid germination.

3. Protect Your Yard

During autumn, the leaves on your trees will begin to fall on your grass, obstructing sunlight and thinning your lawn. Protect your yard by removing the leaves and keeping your yard mowed until winter arrives. It’s a good idea to cut your lawn a little shorter than normal at the end of the fall so it may receive more sunshine throughout the winter and will be less likely to suffer damage from frost and precipitation.

4. Winter and Fall Watering

Don't just stop watering your lawn and plants because the weather has become colder. Your landscaping still needs water to be healthy. As a general guideline, water your landscaping up until it's below 40 degrees Fahrenheit and there isn't any snow on the ground.

5. Tree Fertilization is Due

Once spring arrives, you want your trees to seem as healthy as possible. Your trees will be more resistant to pests and illnesses during the winter and the following spring if you fertilize them in the late fall.

6. Consider Your Systems

You risk significant damage if you don't blow out your irrigation system before winter. The need to blow out your irrigation system is because it will be more likely for the water still in your system's faucets and pipes to freeze, which could lead to the pipes bursting. To prevent damage during freezing weather, blowing out your irrigation and sprinkler systems will assist in eliminating any water that may still be there.

7. Trim and plant perennials.

Many of your perennials won't survive the winter well. After the first frost, they will likely develop pest and disease problems. Therefore, it is preferable to prune your perennials before the onset of winter. This will ensure that when springtime rolls around, they recover healthily. Additionally, the late fall is a great time to plant shrubs and perennials. By planting them now, you can look forward to a more colorful spring, boosting curb appeal when winter passes.

These commercial landscaping tips will help to ensure your commercial landscape successfully makes it through the winter. If you find you are running out of time to properly care for your commercial landscape, you can trust G&G Landscape Solutions to provide the care you are looking for at the cost you love.

What is Hardscaping?

Hardscaping is the landscaping component that every beautiful yard needs! It adds an element of luxury, differentiates your backyard by creating more livable spaces, adds complementary architecture to your softscapes like plants and flowers, and can significantly boost your property’s value.

With a nearly endless list of hardscaping features available, G&G Landscape Solutions are expert in highlighting some of the most popular projects among homeowners. Here is a list of our favorites:

Stones and Fire:

Since patios and decks may increase a home's living area, many people prefer these installments as they provide a space to congregate and mingle. Furthering, fire elements like fireplaces or fire pits are also among the most popular trends in outdoor living, especially when paired with an outdoor kitchen or grilling area.

Other in-demand elements include seat walls, garden walls, planting beds, stone steps, Zen garden boulders, stone edging, and pillars or columns.


Water features are popular because they help to drown out road noise and offer greater seclusion to your area, in addition to being aesthetically pleasing. The sounds of rushing water also provide a serene environment to escape to, allowing you to experience true tranquility in the comfort of your backyard.

Waterfalls, fountains, and streams are some popular hardscape elements, and their designs range from complex to straightforward. Some of the most advanced designs incorporate a large water element to seamlessly blend the experience of dry and wet hardscapes.

Disappearing Walls:

Pavers are a hardscape element popular for retaining walls, which help to protect your property from water erosion, and hill slides, or simply to create an area of privacy. An unknown use, however, is to take advantage of the adaptability of pavers so they create a “green wall.”

By offsetting the pavers so plants may use them as support, your paver wall will eventually be covered by greenery and “disappear” into your yard!

Of course, a green wall doesn't have to feature only green plants. They could, for example, be a little blooming ground cover that blooms according to the season.

Though it could take some time, a green wall is a good technique to make an unsightly wall appear to be gone.

No matter your hardscape dream, G&G Landscape Solutions has the expertise to bring your fantasy into reality! Give us a call to get started.

Winter is the Time for Hardscape Design

One of the most advantageous and priceless improvements one can make to their commercial landscape is hardscape design. Hardscape designs create gorgeous landscape settings for outdoor pleasure by fusing the organic components of your property with brick and concrete solutions. The greatest time for hardscape design is during the winter when the demand for landscapers and garden designers is low, and your employees are less likely to use your exterior spaces due to the weather.

1) Less Damage to Property

Hardscape design and construction may impact your natural environment. Hardscape uses bulky materials and ground and soil excavating to shape the space and design. A hardscape installation can seriously harm the surrounding landscape areas in the spring and summer. In the winter, however, your grass, plants, trees, and bushes are dormant, and it is easier to install designs with less damage.

2) Easier Scheduling

The slowest time for the landscape industry is in the winter. Your commercial hardscape project will be completed in your chosen timeframe since garden architects, masons, and landscapers have considerably more time for scheduling. Winter also gives the hardscape crew more time to focus on your property as they plan, design, talk about materials, and make last-minute adjustments, potentially saving you money as well.

3) More Use

By completing your hardscape in the winter months, your employees will be able to use your hardscape design come the new year. This also mitigates any extra mess or debris your clients and customers may see, resulting in a lovely outdoor aesthetic when the weather is favorable.

G&G Landscape Solutions offers many hardscape element solutions to help maximize your curb appeal, improve employee morale, and close more deals. Give us a call to get started!

Take care of your commercial landscape during the fall with G&G Landscape Solutions

Your plants enter a dormant phase in the fall as they prepare for winter. It would be best if you took good care of your commercial landscaping when the days become shorter and the temperatures lower. This slower-growing season is the ideal time to fortify your landscape and ensure it is ready to withstand winter frost.

Your plants enter a dormant phase in the fall as they prepare for winter. It would be best if you took good care of your commercial landscaping when the days become shorter and the temperatures lower. This slower-growing season is the ideal time to fortify your landscape and ensure it is ready to withstand winter frost.

The Care of Trees

Most people are unaware that planting new trees and shrubs for your commercial or residential landscape is best done in the fall. There is no better time to update your business or home landscaping than fall.

The fall is the best time to prune existing trees on your property, remove dead branches, and trim branches that hang over driveways, pathways, and power lines. To help maintain healthy trees throughout the long winter months, all trees, but especially evergreens and newly planted trees should receive a good deep watering and fertilizer application.

Lawn Care

Your commercial landscape provider should take special care of your lawn in preparation for winter. Lowering the mower height to get your grass length to 1.5" to 2", whichever is shorter without scalping your lawn, assures the grass won't matt under snow cover and will protect it from mold as it gets warmer in the spring.


The fall is the perfect season to consider updating your commercial landscaping to include hardscapes. A more functional, inviting space can be created on your property with the help of hardscapes. With stones, retaining walls, and pavers, you may increase your business's curb appeal and create a green space that is environmentally beneficial.

G&G Landscape Solutions can assist you in maintaining hardscape and landscape designs and installments through all seasons. You can rest easy all year long with our professional, friendly, and affordable services.

Irrigation Winterization & Other Considerations for your Commercial Property

Cooler weather often signals the end of the year's harvests, when the garden, yard, and commercial common space are effectively abandoned until spring. However, we should prepare our commercial landscape infrastructure to weather the cold and prepare for the next season; we must take care of our irrigation and landscape when the weather gets colder.

The greatest threat of winter freezes in your commercial irrigation system comes from standing water. Blowing out the system is required in some parts of the nation when temperatures are frequently below freezing. Even if you rely on malleable hoses, their integrity is jeopardized by the freezing and thawing of residual water, potentially causing damage.

Other critical steps are:
  1.Turning off the water
  2.Opening any drains
  3.Allowing all the water to drain out

Even though you should double-check your irrigation systems at the beginning of the autumn, winterizing may be done at any time. You may even winterize your irrigation as early as Labor Day.

If you work with forward-thinking commercial landscape professionals, they may also suggest preparing other elements of your landscape design for the colder months. Additional considerations are:


Taking stock of your other outdoor accessories, such as furniture, statues, and birdbaths, is a wise idea. Make sure they are constructed of materials that can endure cold temperatures and periods of freezing rain. Moving them inside to a controlled environment or covering them from the elements is preferred if they are not.


Determining which plants are most susceptible to cold weather is critical to having a successful outdoor launch in the spring. You probably don't need to worry too much if native plants make up most of your garden, but when temperatures drop, it will be necessary to take care of non-native species.

Winterizing your yard and property might be difficult, especially if you've never done it before. G&G Landscape Solutions creates and maintains luxurious landscapes for residential and commercial buildings.

Give us a call, and we'll ensure a long life for your garden, public space, or business landscape.

Advantages of Commercial Landscaping Services for Your Business

Long-Term Advantages:

Commercial landscape services offer long-term advantages for your property value, business identity, and bottom line. Whether it is a retail store, office building, restaurant, hospital, grocery store, or any other public area, commercial landscape services have a measurable positive impact.


Well-designed and aesthetically pleasing commercial landscape designs can significantly boost your property value. Trees by themselves, depending on their size, location, species, and condition, are tremendous value additions; when combined with other tastefully designed and regularly maintained landscape and hardscape features, you may notice a substantial increase in your asset base.

Business Identity:

Some commercial buildings fail to recognize the value of their exteriors and the crucial first impression customers, clients, and coworkers have when they visit your location. Carefully planted shrubbery, manicured grass, and flowers convey professionalism. It gives the impression that the company's products and services must be of high quality. In other words, you must care about your customers if you care about your place.

Bottom Line:

Planning for the placement of your trees and other vegetation now could improve your bottom line by saving you money later. You can cut your air conditioning and heating costs by asking a professional landscape agency for advice on where to place trees and bushes. With an effective commercial landscape design, your business can benefit from optimal shade during the year's hottest months while maintaining a comfortable indoor climate during cooler months.

In addition to these perks, having your business landscape managed by a commercial landscaping company offers other advantages causing your business to benefit. The best way to learn about these other advantages is to talk to our friendly and knowledgeable staff at G&G Landscape Solutions. Just give us a call!

Top three landscaping ideas for your custom home

Your home's exterior plays a significant role in giving it your desired appearance. G&G Landscape Solutions will assist you in planning and designing custom home landscaping to complement your gorgeous new or modified house. Here are our top three North Carolina landscaping ideas for custom houses - to start creating your dream outside settings.

1) Covered Patios

Whether you're a morning person who enjoys drinking your morning coffee and watching the day arrive, or you're a night owl who wants to relax with a bottle of wine and watch magnificent sunsets, a spacious covered patio is a requirement when planning your luxurious landscape. These elegant additions allow for semi-protected enjoyment of the outdoors, perfect for entertaining many or just yourself.

2) Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen is a keystone in backyard hardscape design if you enjoy backyard barbecues and outdoor entertaining with friends and family. Imagine watching the game on an outdoor projector while you smoke some meat and veggies on your outdoor grill. We can't think of a better entertainment duo, but if you want to reach backyard outdoor entertainment nirvana, consider our third idea, too!

3) Outdoor Fireplaces

Fall will soon be here, and nothing is cozier than spending a cold evening by the fireside with loved ones while sipping your favorite beverage. Build the fireplace of your dreams into your patio or add a gorgeous stone fire pit with cozy seats to your landscaping to make it uniquely yours. Both provide a chic way to spend more time outside in more seasons.

Whatever your vision for your custom home in the Charlotte, North Carolina area, G&G Landscape Solutions can help you create the landscape to match. Discover more solutions by giving us a call - today.

June is Safety Month

In 1996, the National Safety Council established June as National Safety Month. At G&G Landscape Solutions, we take our workplace safety seriously, which is why we are sharing some considerations during this month of protection to highlight what we do to keep your commercial property in tip-top shape! You may avoid accidents and injuries on your property by keeping up with preventative maintenance.

1. Weak branches and dead trees

Trees become more vulnerable to diseases and pest infestations that cause rotting or weak branches as they age and become larger. Weak branches can fall on people, buildings, and automobiles.

Regular tree care, such as trimming and inspections, ensures trees remain healthy and develop properly. It also protects your trees from pests and illnesses that might injure or kill them. Be careful to select a qualified arborist, as shoddy work might result in severe long-term harm.

2. Tipping hazards in hardscapes

Mature trees are a valuable feature on commercial properties, but their roots can occasionally cause damage to walkways, pavement, and hardscapes. Most of the time, this manifests on the pavement surface as fractures or buckling, creating tripping hazards on your hardscapes. If you discover anything wrong with your hardscapes, diagnose the problem as soon as possible before it becomes a headache, or someone gets harmed.

3. Poor visibility and lighting

Dark walkways and parking lots are always a risk since they might result in slip/fall injuries or automobile accidents. Similarly, overcorrecting with too much illumination or lighting in the incorrect places might increase the risk of harmful glares.

Consider where you want to put lights on your property. Lighting at ground level and overhead is an acceptable alternative but avoid installing lights at eye level.

4. Unmaintained irrigation systems

Sprinkler heads should be in good operating order and easily visible to avoid tripping hazards. Any leaks, even little ones, can quickly grow into dangerous floods, resulting in excess repair costs and on-site risks.

Tripping hazards and floods may be avoided with frequent irrigation system inspections by G&G Landscape Solutions. As an added perk, the savings from proper maintenance are reflected in your water bills.

5. Drainage issues

Poor drainage leads to erosion and hardscape damage, which will only worsen over time. As an example, with the snow and ice that fall in seasonal communities during the winter, inadequate drainage can freeze, increasing the risk of damage or accidents. W e recommend clearing all drainage grates and correcting any grading issues on your property as soon as possible.

Leave it to the experts like G&G Landscape Solutions

While these dangers are all hazardous, they can all be avoided if you leave it to G&G Landscape Solutions. You won't have to worry about anything because our business landscape contracts often include regular inspections and cleanups. If you believe anything is a hazard now or might become one in the future, please contact us and we will investigate.